Repossi Rotary/Hay Rake

Repossi Rotary/Hay Rake

Higher protein and fiber, lower ash content = Better forage quality

The RA-Rake double-wheel rakes feature several coaxial pairs of wheels. the rear driving wheel never comes into contact with the forage which is moved by the front wheel, raised above the ground. Thus, a higher quality of forage is guaranteed, both in terms of lower ash pollution and of nutritional value.

A patented double wheel rake able to break down to 1.8% the ash content and energy consumption (-40%) while increasing the collecting speed (20Km/h) with a simple, cheap and modular approach able to satisfy every farmer windrowing necessity.

Analyses carried out on forage harvested with Ra-Rake, compared to the one harvested with a rotary rake, reveal how – mainly because of the greater contribution of ash caused by the second compared to the first (RA-Rake generates an increase of ash in the forage 66% lower than that obtained with the rotary rake) – the forage after raking obtained with the rotary has a negative impact on the net energy for lactation for
LB of dry matter, quantifiable in a reduction of 0.544 Mcal. The innovation, ingenious but simple, allows you to take advantage of the advantages of star rakes without having to bear the negative consequences on the forage.

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